#RapidMock Grades: Tennessee Titans

TEN 1 8     @Jason_Madson Julio Jones – WR – Alabama
TEN 2 39     @Jason_Madson Colin Kaepernick – QB – Nevada
TEN 3 77     @Jason_Madson Quan Sturdivant – LB – North Carolina
TEN 4 109     @Jason_Madson Daniel Thomas – RB – Kansas State
TEN 4 130     @Jason_Madson Andrew Jackson – G – Fresno State
TEN 5 142     @Jason_Madson Chris Neild – DT – West Virginia
TEN 6 175     @Jason_Madson Eric Hagg – DB – Nebraska
TEN 7 212     @Jason_Madson Andrew Gachkar – LB – MIZZOU
TEN 7 251     @Jason_Madson Jake Kirkpatrick – C – TCU


Overall Draft Grade: B

Team Needs: Tennesee has a dynamic team but is weak at a few key positions that will hinder their ability to compete for the Superbowl. Everyone that pays attention to football knows about the Vince Young experiment and that kept the Titans from ascending further than what was expected. So, in terms of team need, I believe it ranks: QB, OG, MLB, DT.

Player Evaluation: With Julio Jones on the board, I can understand why this could be the pick. He is a great WR with immense talent and potential. He would be a nice fit with Kenny Britt and could move Nate Washington to the slot. That’s a pretty decent duo. However, not only do I think that Nick Fairley makes a great fit, I also think the Titans get Damian Williams involved at the WR position next year and he could do well. Nick Fairley would be an absurdly good fit and I think they jump at the chance to take him if he falls to 8. Kaepernick is a risky pick here because he will not be able to step in and start any time soon. If the Titans selected Kaep, they would have to resign Kerry Collins or another vet QB. Quan Sturdivant is a very talented player and is very versatile, so he could fill in for Stephen Tulloch if he leaves via FA, but I think he is much better suited on the outside where he doesn’t have to shed as many blocks. Daniel Thomas is a pick that I think will work out well for the Titans even though I don’t think there is a ton of need here. CJ and Javon Ringer are both capable backs, but the Titans would make this pick for a short yardage / upside pick. Thomas, although lacking in speed, still ran for 1500+ yards and played well against top competition, although not overly so. Andrew Jackson is a good guard who fits the prototype for a guard at the NFL level and his tape shows it as well. He could step in a start eventually and is good value where picked. Chris Neild is overdrafted in the 5th round in my opinion. He is undersized and slower than the prototype for DT but he has some upside and really is just used for depth here. Some people are low on Eric Hagg and although I don’t think of him as starting material, I do like him here for depth because he has some upside. He is a little slow and is scouted as having bad hips, but I got to watch him at Nebraska some and he is very football smart. He makes plays that belie his tangibles. Andrew Gachkar is a savvy, tough LB who could very well be a surprise. He ran into some durability issues at Mizzou, but he is a guy I really like to be a very late draft pick who could have a better career in the pros than in college. He is fast enough to be a sideline to sideline player, but will have to overcome being unknown and injuries to make enough impression to be drafted. Jake Kirkpatrick is a good pick here and has potential, although he is also undersized a bit.

Reason for Grade: Overall this draft brought in some solid football players, but I think there were some better options still on the board at certain points. Sturdivant, Neild and Jackson all fill needs, but I am not sure any of them are difference makers. I like Sturdivant more on the outside which still would leave a hole at ILB. Overall, I think the Titans could do a little better, but the late round picks were good enough to contribute more depth and players capable of making the team. This draft is not dynamic, but in an offseason with no FA, this might be the best road to drive.

Dustin Ward (@drawnitsud)


#RapidMock Grades: New York Giants

NYG 1 19     @yougomango Anthony Castonzo – OT – Boston Col
NYG 2 52     @yougomango Kenrick Ellis – DT – Hampton
NYG 3 83     @yougomango K.J. Wright – LB – Miss State
NYG 4 117     @yougomango Brandon Fusco – C – Slippery Rock
NYG 6 185     @yougomango Eddie Jones – DE – Texas
NYG 6 198     @yougomango Kendric Burney – CB – North Carolina
NYG 6 202     @yougomango Nate Williams – SS – Washington
NYG 7 221     @yougomango Derrick Locke – RB – Kentucky


Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College – Grade: A
With their first round pick the Giants fill one of their biggest needs on the offensive line. Castonzo’s versatility is a perfect match for the Giants who like to bring along tackle prospects by first inserting them at guard.  Tom Coughlin has a strong connection to Boston College and Giants’ offensive line coach, Pat Flaherty, ran BC’s Pro Day.  Castonzo should be able to contribute right away.
Kenrick Ellis, DT, Hampton – Grade: D
Ellis was a nose tackle in college and I think that’s the position he projects best to in the NFL, as well.  The Giants run a 4-3 defensive scheme and Ellis would be a project for them.  Also, his major character concerns would be a red flag to the Giants’ organization.  I think that he can be a solid player in the NFL; however, not with the Giants.
K.J. Wright, LB, Mississippi St. – Grade: B-
To me, linebacker is the Giants biggest need.  Wright is a strong and athletic linebacker who would definitely catch the eye of Giants GM, Jerry Reese, for having the longest arms among linebackers in the draft.  However, I think he would need to be coached up quite a bit by the Giants, especially when it comes to the zone coverage responsibilities that Giants’ defensive coordinator, Perry Fewell, asks of his linebackers in his Tampa 2 scheme.
Brandon Fusco, C, Slippery Rock – Grade: A
Another major need for the Giants is the interior of their offensive line, especially the center position.  All three of the players who took the majority of snaps at the position last year for the Giants are coming off major surgeries.  Grabbing one of the top 3 or 4 centers in the draft in the fourth round is a great move.  Fusco would be a perfect fit for the Giants offensive line, especially with his ability to get to the second level, something the Giants often ask of their interior lineman.
Eddie Jones, DE/LB, Texas – Grade: F
I must admit, this pick was a major head scratcher to me.  First off, defensive end is probably the least position of need for the Giants.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised to still see them take a defensive end if he was indeed one of the best players available (JR does follow the Ernie Accorsi philosophy of, ‘you can never have enough pass rushers’).  That’s not the case here with Eddie Jones, a player I am not even sure will be drafted.  He has major injury concerns and his college coach, Mack Brown, once urged him to walk away from football because of it (huge red flag in my book).  Furthermore, he doesn’t have adequate size to play as a 4-3 defensive end and projects better as a 3-4 outside linebacker.  I just don’t even see Eddie Jones being able to crack the Giants’ practice squad, let alone their 53-man roster.  
Kendric Burney, CB, North Carolina – Grade: B
Burney is a bit short when compared to other corners the Giants have drafted in the past, and is generally short for the position.  However, I think he would fit in well on Giants because they tend to play a lot of zone coverage where his size cannot be exploited as much.  I like that he is a playmaker with 11 career interceptions, something Perry Fewell defenses’ preach.   I think he is a decent prospect and has good value at this point in the draft.
Nate Williams, S, Washington – Grade: B-
Williams is an interesting selection here.  I’m not sure he can ever be a prototypical safety in the NFL, but I do think he can fill a special part of the Giants’ defense.  Last season, the Giants’ defense often utilized a third safety that would play in the box much like a linebacker.  Williams is an intriguing prospect to play that type of role because of his size and nose for the football.  Also, he could fill an immediate need on the Giants woeful special teams’ unit. I might have given this pick a slightly higher grade, but I think it was a round too early for Williams and that there were better safety prospects still on the board.
Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky – Grade: A
Locke is a great late round grab for the Giants.  He’s a very intriguing running back prospect who can also fulfill another major need for the Giants as a returner.  His blazing speed, 4.40 40-yd dash, would be a welcome sight to many Giants’ fans.  Because of his small frame he probably will never be an every down back in the league, but that’s just fine for the Giants who tend to use running backs by committee.  Furthermore, he has an attribute that is lacking among current Giants’ running backs, and that’s his ability to catch the ball.  I think he can end up being a dynamic third down threat in the NFL and would be an exciting player to add to the Giants’ offense.  
Overall Grade: B-
This draft was very interesting by the Giants.  There were some selections that were great fits such as: Castonzo, Fusco, and Locke.  There were some intriguing selections such as: Wright, Burney, and Williams.  Finally, there were a couple of selections that just didn’t fit the Giants’ schemes at all such as: Ellis and Jones.  Overall, I think you did a great job of drafting for the Giants on the offensive side of the ball.  I believe Castonzo, Fusco, and Locke could all have an immediate impact on the team.  Furthermore, I think you did a good job at solidifying the special teams unit, which has been god awful these past few years, by drafting players who can contribute right away on specials (Locke, Williams, and Wright).  However, I can’t look past the fact that you selected a couple of guys who just don’t fit in the Giants’ scheme.  I know in the past Jerry Reese has done this, but being a Giants’ fan I have seen first hand how it has not worked (Clint Sintim anybody?).  I’m not a huge fan of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  Lastly, while I think you did a good job hitting some of the Giants major needs (LB, OL, CB, and DT); I would have liked to see you take a tight end and/or a late round developmental quarterback.  
James Pennisi, @bigbluebloggers, http://blog.nj.com/giants_fan_blog/index.html

#RapidMock Grades: Indianapolis Colts


IND 1 22     @indepthscouting Derek Sherrod – OT – Miss State
IND 2 53     @indepthscouting Drake Nevis – DT – LSU
IND 3 87     @indepthscouting Tandon Doss – WR – Indiana
IND 4 119     @indepthscouting Jaiquawn Jarrett – S – Temple
IND 5 152     @indepthscouting David Arkin – OG – Missouri State
IND 6 188     @indepthscouting Brandon Hogan – CB – WVU


The Colts first rounder is somewhat of an enigma. I went with Sherrod in the www.mocktwo.info draft and in the www.mockthree.info draft we traded out of the first with Sherrod on the board. Therefore I can’t argue with the pick and protecting Peyton is clearly a priority. My only apprehension is that I am not sure how much of an immediate upgrade Sherrod is over the incumbent Charlie Johnson. In this graders mind I would be happier getting two 2nd round picks for the 22 and addressing more needs. Saying this I do think Sherrod could be the best OT in this class and therefore cannot knock the pick.
Grade B+
The more and more I see of Drake Nevis the more and more I think he would excel with the Colts. He has a great first step and can be down right unblockable at times. He is a great scheme fit and at 53 is surely a player that the Colts will look to target on draft day.
Grade A
I think the Colts have more pressing needs than wide receiver and it isn’t like Tandon Doss is great value here. It isn’t an awful pick at all and depth is needed but I wouldn’t want to add depth until rounds 5 and 6. Jeff Maehl, Vincent Brown and Greg Salas are all players that could be there and in my view are just as good players as Doss. With Addai and Hart FA at the RB position I think the Colts must address this need if they plan on letting them both walk.
Grade C
Now this is a pick I really like. With Sanders leaving it means Bullitt will assume the starting role full time, but depth is needed. Jarrett has the potential to be a great player in 2-3 years and will contribute on special teams right away.
Grade A
O-line and D-line are the Colts biggest need and bringing in more bodies at G is not a bad thing. The G spot was a real sore spot this year for the Colts and it simply has to be sorted this year.
I do not see CB as a great need but adding depth is never a bad thing, maybe a late round QB like TJ Yates would have been a better pick.
Overall a solid if not spectacular draft, Sherrod and Nevis will start right away and Jarrett and Doss will likely contribute from the get go on ST.
Overall B
Written by Tom Hagger follow me on twitter at @tomwghagger

#RapidMock Grades: San Francisco 49ers

SF 1 7     @Tre9er Robert Quinn – OLB – North Carolina
SF 2 45     @Tre9er Steven Paea – DT – Oregon State
SF 2 64 GB   @Tre9er Ricky Stanzi – QB – Iowa
SF 4 108     @Tre9er Johnny Patrick – CB – Louisville
SF 5 146 MIA   @Tre9er Buster Skrine – CB – UT Chattanooga
SF 5 154 DET   @tre9er Jacquizz Rodgers – RB – Oregon St
SF 6 174     @Tre9er Cory Grant – DT – TCU
SF 7 231 NYJ DET @Tre9er Henry Hynoski – FB – Pittsburgh
SF 7 239     @Tre9er T.J. Yates – QB – North Carolina
SF 7 250     @Tre9er Jeremy Kerley – WR – TCU


The 49ers filled a huge need three of their first four picks, two of which are guaranteed starters. Robert Quinn is worth every bit of the seventh overall pick, and will start immediately either opposite Manny Lawson, or in his spot if he doesn’t re-sign with the team as a free agent. Steven Paea seems like a luxury pick at that point, but his value in the second round is unquestionable, and he can start from day one at the nose tackle position, which makes the 3-4 defense operable. With him, the 49ers can keep Ricky Jean Francois as a backup, and he’ll still exceed his value from when he was taken in the seventh round. You’ll see the difference from a first-round talent and seventh round with upside from the get-go. In round three, the 49ers grabbed Ricky Stanzi, who is literally a sponge and is exactly the kind of quarterback that Jim Harbaugh wants (sans a bit of athleticism). Johnny Patrick, the cornerback in the fourth round will immediately supplant Shawntae Spencer and that’s three definite starters and one potential starter in Stanzi. The pick of T.J. Yates in the later rounds is good value and smart drafting, you can’t put all your eggs in the Stanzi basket. Rodgers has good value at his pick and the 49ers are interested in him, so it’s a good pick, but the Hynoski pick almost feels forced when looking at the picks for face value. It feels like the 49ers could find some better developmental potential with “dangerous” guys with their three seventh rounders. Overall, one can usually tell when a team had a strong back-end of their draft, and it doesn’t necessarily feel like it here, but the top four-five picks are unquestionably … perfect. It takes a very lucky shuffle of the deck to have it dealt better than that.

James Brady – @ninnyjams
Examiner.com | SBNationBayArea.com

#RapidMock Grades: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TB 1 20     @grantmp1 Justin Houston – DE – Georgia
TB 2 51     @grantmp1 Stefen Wisniewski – C – Penn State
TB 3 84     @grantmp1 Chris Culliver – FS – South Carolina
TB 4 116     @grantmp1 Josh Bynes – LB – Auburn
TB 5 151     @grantmp1 Jordan Todman – RB – UConn
TB 6 187 KC   @grantmp1 Jeff Tarpinian – OLB – Iowa
TB 7 222     @grantmp1 DeMarcus Van Dyke – CB – Miami
TB 7 238     @grantmp1 Adam Grant – OT – Arizona


Letter grade D

It’s hard to give the Bucs a good grade when out of the gate they went with Houston over Kerrigan. Next a Center is grabbed over another DE or LB with Bailey and Moch on the board not to sure, add in that Wisnieski is more of a center which we have the 3rd highest paid in the league in Faine, and a good backup in Zuttah. If we wanted to go oline there, Cannon would probably get the look(before the news of his cancer) In the 3rd Culliver is MASSIVE reach, add in that while S is a need, ANOTHER DE or LB brings more value to a team that was 28th against the run compared to 7th against the pass. Another reach with Bynes. He shouldn’t be even considered til the 5th. Todman is probably the first pick where value and need met, saved it from being an F. Tarpinain is another reach, I like him as a player but have mostly seen a PFA grade on him. DVD is a great pick and once again saves the grade from being an F. An athletic late corner is what this team needs. Regardless if Aqib plays another down for this team our FO is very high on both EJ Biggers and Myron Lewis. Add in Ronde Barber and the best a rookie would possibly be is a nickel back, and you just don’t use a premium pick in one when you have as many needs as we do. The Grant pick is just an ok pick. He would compete with Demar Dotson to stay on the roster.


#RapidMock Grades: New York Jets

NYJ 1 30     @yougomango Phil Taylor – DT – Baylor
NYJ 3 94     @yougomango Niles Paul – WR – Nebraska
NYJ 4 126     @yougomango Jeremy Beal – OLB – Oklahoma
NYJ 5 161     @yougomango Lucas Patterson – DE – Texas A&M
NYJ 6 194     @yougomango Jeron Johnson – SS – Boise State
NYJ 7 208 ARI   @yougomango Keith Williams – OG – Nebraska


Final grade:  C-

Analysis:  Phil Taylor is a very nice pick, and Jeron Johnson is a solid value in the 6th, but Paul in the third seems like a reach, and Jeremy Beal doesn’t deserve to be drafted in this grader’s opinion.  The Jets didn’t seem to end up with very many player that will make any kind of impact at the NFL level, and I believe they reached on Paul, Beal, and Patterson.  Overall, a passing grade, but barely.

Brad Hill aka @CaliforniaJag

#RapidMock Grades: New England Patriots

NE 1 17 OAK   @PFF_Akshay JJ Watt- DL – Wisconsin
NE 1 28     @PFF_Akshay Brooks Reed – OLB – Arizona
NE 2 33 CAR   @PFF_Akshay Mark Ingram – RB – Alabama
NE 2 60     @PFF_Akshay Greg Little – WR – UNC
NE 3 74 MIN   @PFF_Akshay Clint Boling – G – Georgia
NE 3 92     @PFF_Akshay Joseph Barksdale – OT – LSU
NE 4 125     @PFF_Akshay Ahmad Black – CB – Florida
NE 5 159     @PFF_Akshay Roy Helu – RB – Nebraska
NE 6 193     @PFF_Akshay Adam Froman – QB – Louisville


Final grade:  B+

Analysis:  If later picks make the draft, the Patriots did simply an okay job.  Ahmad Black was taken a little high for my liking, and Helu and Froman aren’t guys that excite me.  That said, ending up with Watt, Reed, Ingram, Little, and Boling through the first 74 picks is an outstanding haul.  Little, Barksdale, Black, and Froman were all taken a little high for my liking, but Reed and Ingram were absolute steals at their draft positions.  Overall I can’t give it an A simply because I believe it’s a bit top-heavy, but this is the best draft in the AFC East in this grader’s opinion.

Brad Hill aka @CaliforniaJag