#RapidMock Rules and Info

Intro Info

A new mock draft will be taking place on Twitter, as if there weren’t enough of them going on right now…but we all know that since the NFL Draft is not actually here, we have nothing better to do in the meantime.  Picks and a general big-board will be located at this link – CLICK HERE (inactive until GM’s/teams are assigned).

The name of the draft is #RapidMock, named so because we will be striving to complete at LEAST one round per day. Participants should keep this in mind and only apply for a team(s) if they feel confident they can either be present throughout the day, or that they can submit an ordered list of picks/big-board that their backup or the draft’s admins can use in order to make picks on their behalf. Now, on to the rules.

#RapidMock Rules

First and foremost, the top rule and most unique thing about #RapidMock is the time limit, which is set at a strict 15 minutes.  After the timer has expired, your backup or a draft admin will make a selection based on your previously expressed instructions, or if none given, from the draft’s general big-board (which is based on NFP’s prospect rankings).  Backup selections must be made within 5 minutes.

You must pre-determine whether you wish to utilize a backup (and specify twitter handle of said backup) or allow the draft admins to make a pick on your behalf, in the case of the timer expiring in your absence.  You can also specify that you simply wish to be skipped, as the “real” NFL Draft rules state, and whenever you are available to make the selection you may.  Of course this also means the draft moves on and your prospects can be picked…you’re essentially trading down with no compensation.

Trades are allowed, however the timer will be strictly enforced, with no exceptions made for teams trying to work out a trade.  We suggest that you work out trade parameters in principle well in advance of your pick and then simply pull the trigger if the prospect you want is there, or whatever your criteria for making the trade may be.  Trades must be confirmed by both parties.  We would also suggest that if one team wants to move down regardless of which prospect is there, for instance, but you are waiting for a certain situation to confirm…that you have the other party confirm their half of the trade (in case they are not available at the time of the pick) so you can simply execute your half when the time comes.  At any rate, make plans at your own risk.

There is NO trading with yourself if you rep multiple teams.

For the sake of making the draft easier to follow, please tag your picks with #RapidPick.  Tag any other discussions, trade negotiations, or chatter with #RapidMock.  This makes it easy for GM’s, admins, and followers of the draft to see just the picks, or just the discussions.

The draft admins have the right to pause the draft at any time in order to update selections, mediate disagreements, or any other reason they feel prudent.  At that time the clock stops on any/all picks until such time as it is restarted by an admin.

Draft Admins

The following twitter handles will serve as #RapidMock draft admins:

@Tre9erDraft organizer and Commisioner

@ninnyjamsDraft Co-Commissioner

@grantmp1Draft Co-Commissioner

It would be wise to mention all three of the admins in your pick-tweet as we will be notified of any twitter mentions and one of us can more promptly update selections, announce the next GM on the clock, etc.

You will be mentioned when you are on the clock, on deck, or in the hole when possible.  Please try to follow along with the draft as it will move quickly and your pick could arrive in a matter of minutes if those before you have their selections prepared in advance.


Tentatively we’d like to kick the draft off on Tuesday April 12th, 2011 at 8AM PST / 11AM EST.  I will edit this post as well as tweet the official draft start-time once it is finalized.

Each draft-day will begin at 8AM local time of the GM on the clock.  If the first GM is on EST and makes their pick at 8AM local time, the time zone of the next GM comes into play when they are on the clock as well.  For instance if you are up first and make your selection at 8AM EST (your local time), but the next GM is on PST, they will not be on the clock until 8AM local time, PST in that case.

The same applies to draft end-times each day.  The draft timer will no longer be in play at 5PM local time of the GM on the clock.  Similar to the start-time, if one GM makes a selection at 7PM EST and the next GM on the clock is PST, where it is 4PM local time, that GM will be subject to the draft timer.

GM Applications

If you have read these rules and would like to apply to be a GM for one or more teams, please email @Tre9er at tre.faaborg@gmail.com.  You can also send any questions to this address prior to joining the draft.  This is a democracy, not a dictatorship, so if many request a change to a rule prior to the draft commencement, it’s possible for the rule to be changed.


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