#RapidMock Grades: Buffalo Bills

BUF 1 3     @grantmp1 Von Miller – LB – Texas A&M
BUF 2 34     @grantmp1 Nate Solder – OT – Colorado
BUF 3 68     @grantmp1 Andy Dalton – QB – TCU
BUF 4 100     @grantmp1 Lawrence Guy – DT – Arizona State
BUF 4 122 SEA   @grantmp1 Chykie Brown – CB – Texas
BUF 5 133     @grantmp1 Sione Fua – NT – Stanford
BUF 6 169     @grantmp1 Weslye Saunders – TE – South Carolina
BUF 7 206     @grantmp1 Ronald Johnson – WR – USC
BUF 7 245     @grantmp1 Jeff Maehl – WR – Oregon


Buffalo Bills  A+
This was possibly the best draft in #MockTre. The Bills addressed every need. Even their late round picks have a chance for serious playing time and will look to contrinute right away. Von Miller is a stud and easily a top 5 player in the draft. Buffalo gets a huge boost to their pass rush with the Miller pick. Nate Solder is great value in round 2. The Bills havent had a good OT for years. Solder can come in and start at either LT or RT. Instant upgrade to their OL. Andy Dalton is now good value in the 3rd round. He’s a guy with marginal physical talents, but that’s OK with Chan Gailey. He’s a great QB coach who seems to be able to squeeze every ounce of talent from his QBs. Like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dalton is a smart, tough, and a great leader for the QB position. Expects good results from this pick. The Lawrence Guy pick is average. They didnt need a NT as much as it looks. They drafted a guy in round 2 last year in Torrell Troup. Either way, it’s another solid player to a defense that need talent everywhere. Chykie Brown is a hood piuck for Buffalo at that spot. If he pans out, it will really help the Bills. Their CB need is bigger than percieved. Leodis McKelvin hasnt lived up to the expectations. Terrence McGee, while steady and solid,  is getting older and has trouble staying healthy. Sione Fua is one opf my favorite players in the draft. I love guys like that. Not the most talented players, but will be on your team in 5 years and still be contributing. I think he can play DE in the bills 3 man front. The last 3 Bills picks really sold this draft for me. Weslye Saunders, Ronald Johnson, and Jeff Maehl are three guys who will help this passing offense take the next step. Buffalo hasnt had a legit TE for too long. Saunders can easily be that. Johnson and Maehl are both guys I like in the slot, but I really like Maehl in the slot and can see Johnson developing into a number 2 WR to Stevie Johnson. The way Buffalo spreads everybody out on offense, Johnson and Maehl could run the slots while Evans and Johnson work the outside. Overall this is an absolute great draft and the Bills would upgrade their talent accross the board with these picks.

– Joe Goodberry (@JoeGoodberry) covers the NFL draft for http://CincyJungle.com and is a die-hard Bengals fan.


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