#RapidMock Grades: Carolina Panthers

CAR 1 1     @ncruzan Cam Newton – QB – Auburn
CAR 3 65     @ncruzan Jordan Cameron – TE – USC
CAR 3 97     @ncruzan Jarvis Jenkins – DT – Clemson
CAR 4 98     @ncruzan Rashad Carmichael – CB – Va Tech
CAR 5 132     @ncruzan Jamie Harper – RB – Clemson
CAR 6 166     @ncruzan Brandon Bair – DE – Oregon
CAR 6 203     @ncruzan DeAndre Brown – WR – Southern Miss
CAR 7 244     @ncruzan Kendall Smith – ILB – Florida State


Pick by Pick comments/grades and overall grade:

Overall Grade: C

1.1     Cam Newton        C
Need position but this is a high risk project from a football perspective. Cam Newton will need a lot of time to develop. Will off-field issues plague him in the NFL? Particularly if he needs to be brought along slowly? In the end, you only pick Newton for fear of passing on his enormous potential – not because of any confidence in his ability to win in the NFL.

3.65 Jordan Cameron         D
I like Jordan Cameron but this is a reach. There are other key positions that could have been addressed here. As far as TE goes, I feel that Virgil Green or Julius Thomas are comparable and could have been had later.

3.97 Jarvis Jenkins         A
Excellent pick. Jenkins would be an instant upgrade at DT and to get him at the end of the 3rd is very good value.

4.98 Rashad Carmichael    C
Johnny Patrick, Josh Thomas and Jalil Brown were all still on the board and I think they would be better bets.

5.132 Jaime Harper        D
Words fail me. There are about a half dozen guys at the RB position that were still available who would have good value here never mind other positions. This guy is a reach.

6.166 Brandon Bair        B
I like it – you can’t ever have enough pass rushers and Bair is intriguing. O-line depth would have been the greater need though and another DT would be useful too.

6.203 DeAndre Brown        C
Marginal pick – I would have looked at O-line depth. Brown does not really add much to the group of young receivers at Carolina.

7.244 Kendall Smith        D
We are stacked at this position. Both lines could have used depth from this pick.

At the end of the day this is one person’s opinion: A draft like this would be disappointing. The mid rounds picks are reaches with the exception of Jenkins. The offensive line was not addressed at all.

– Jiet Menon writes for http://CatScratchReader.com


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