#RapidMock Grades: Cincinnati Bengals

CIN 1 4     @xCByers Blaine Gabbert – QB – Missouri
CIN 2 35     @xCByers Adrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa
CIN 3 66     @xCByers Will Rackley – OG – Lehigh
CIN 4 101     @xCByers Quinton Carter – FS – Oklahoma
CIN 5 134     @xCByers DeMarco Murray – RB – Oklahoma
CIN 6 167     @xCByers Austin Pettis – WR – Boise State
CIN 7 207     @xCByers Korey Lindsey – CB – So. Illinois
CIN 7 246     @xCByers Alex Henery – K – Nebraska


Cincinnati Bengals  B+
This would be a very good draft for the Bengals. Blaine Gabbert fills the “Franchise” QB need. Adrian Clayborn is a great value pick in the 2nd round. He and Michael Johnson should battle out and alternate at the RE spot. Clayborn could also slide inside in nickel packages to provide pass rush. In the 3rd, the Bengals took Will Rackley. He’s one of my personal favorites and a guy I think the Bengals like in real life. He would step into the LG spot from day 1, while also providing backup depth at OT. Quinton Carter is one of my favorite players in this draft. I think he can play both saftey spot, which plays into the style of defense the Bengals play. Good 4th round pick there. Good value in the 5th round taking Demarco Murray. I like him as a player, but I’m not sure about the fit in Cincinnati. He’s an outside runner, who won’t compliment Bernard Scott very well. I would have liked more of a power back here. Austin Pettis in the 6th is probably value to most. I have him rated as a 5th rounder. He’s not one of my favorites. Especially for the Bengals. I think Pettis is best served as an inside guy or at best a number two WR who can provide some red zone help. The Bengals have a huge hole at WR. They need somebody who can be a number one type. If you want Gabbert to succeed, you must provide him with a strong running game and good WRs. Lindsay is great value in the 7th round. He can come in and compete for playing time right away depending on the Jonathan Joseph situation. Alex Henery will be the new Kicker. Overall, this was a good draft and a nice foundation for the rebuilding effort.

– Joe Goodberry (@JoeGoodberry) covers the NFL draft for http://CincyJungle.com and is a die-hard Bengals fan.


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