#RapidMock Grades: Baltimore Ravens

BAL 1 26     @manraj76 Muhammad Wilkerson – DT – Temple
BAL 2 58     @manraj76 Ras-I Dowling – CB – Virginia
BAL 3 90     @manraj76 Edmund Gates – WR – Abilene Christ
BAL 4 123     @manraj76 Lee Ziemba – OT – Auburn
BAL 5 164     @manraj76 Cliff Matthews – OLB – South Carolina
BAL 5 165     @manraj76 Shareece Wright – CB – USC
BAL 6 180 STL   @manraj76 Shiloh Keo – S – Idaho
BAL 6 191     @manraj76 Stanley Havili – FB – USC
BAL 7 225 PHI   @manraj76 Tyrod Taylor – QB – Virginia Tech


Going into the 2011 draft the Baltimore Ravens had more needs then expected for such a successful 2010 team. With Free Agency most likely to happen after the 2011 draft many holes will need to be met. Overall I love the talent  brought by this draft. In round one they get one of the fastest rising players in the draft in Muhammed Wilkerson. Wilkerson is as athletic as they come but a but raw. Being paired with Ngata and in front of Ray Lewis will only assist in his learning curve. Round 2 the get a big CB in Dowling. I don’t love this pick even though its a serious need for the team. Dowling has a bit of an injury history something the Ravens secondary just can’t afford in round 2 again. Gates in round three brings speed to the WR position that Joe Flacco and the entire offense is lacking. Agaun this is a huge risk coming from a small school with some baggage, but in round 3 a value pick. Ziemba in the 4th is value as he has a 4rd round grade…a moutain of a man at 6’8″ and 320 ibs, he struggles a bit is pass protection but is serviceable. The run game is where he excels. Round 5 they hit a home-run with Cliff Matthews.  Has the ability to be that end-rushers opposite Suggs and a tremendous value in round 3. Again in the 5th another tremendous pick in Wright who is the 10th or 11th ranked CB in the draft. Great top end speed and ball skills and an absolute steal. Round 6 and 7 they went for need a they have no FB on the roster or a backup QB. Havill is a bit off a soft FB prospect and not the thulper the Ravens need, while Taylor has tremendous upside and Athleticism and throws a better ball them most seem to know. Keo in round 6 is very similar of SS’s Zibikowski and Nacamura on the roster so unless one of them does not return will have a tough time sticking with the team.

Overall I like the bottom of the draft more then the top. Rounds 4 thru 7 I’d say was A caliber but not getting more help on the OLINE wuth Yanda and Gaither not guarenteed to be back and an aging center has to concern the Ravens. They are have 2 starters in Webb and Foxworth at CB so getting 2 CB’s while not getting a back-up running back to Ray Rice or building OL depth is a concern. Also in the DL the Ravens has Ngata, Cody, A. Jones, Talavoe, McKinney, Gregg m Divens and Redding so even though Wilkerson may have been the best player avaiable, he may not have been the greatest need.

Overall B

Ken Zalis is www.fansfantasyfootball.com creator, editor and guru . Part of RobLongSports at www.roblongshow.com … Fox 1370 Sports Radio Baltimore


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