#RapidMock Grades: Detroit Lions

DET 1 13     @abevanderbent Da’Quan Bowers – DE – Clemson
DET 2 44     @abevanderbent Mason Foster – LB – Washington
DET 3 75     @abevanderbent Curtis Marsh – CB – Utah State
DET 4 107     @abevanderbent Brandon Burton – CB – Utah
DET 6 190 SF SEA @abevanderbent Dwayne Harris – WR – East Carolina
DET 6 195 SF MIA @abevanderbent Tyler Donahue – OT – Bowling Green
DET 7 205 DEN   @abevanderbent Alex Green – RB – Hawaii


Love the Bowers pick, definitely a great and necessary addition to the team. Same with Foster, he certainly isn’t valued high enough, has amazing potential, and can certainly improve as well. Not sure two CB’s are necessary, but I do like both Burton & Marsh. Would draft Burton first though. Detroit needs an OT bad but I don’t think Donahue was a good choice personally, I don’t see him getting drafted. Harris is a great pick, surprised he was still available there. Green also a decent pick, very versatile.

 Covered all the necessities but I still think two CB’s is unnecessary, & don’t like the Donahue pick. Other picks were certainly good.




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