#RapidMock Grades: Pittsburgh Steelers

PIT 1 31     @cassusriff Danny Watkins – OG – Baylor
PIT 2 63     @cassusriff Jason Pinkston – OG – Pittsburgh
PIT 3 95     @cassusriff Jerrell Powe – DT – Ole Miss
PIT 4 128     @cassusriff Robert Sands – S – West Virginia
PIT 5 162     @cassusriff Bilal Powell – RB – Louisville
PIT 6 196     @cassusriff Ryan Jones – CB – NW Missouri St
PIT 7 232     @cassusriff Lester Jean – WR – FAU


Primary needs:  OL, NT, DC. Danny Watkins and Jason Pinkston give the Steelers depth and an immediate starter in Watkins at maybe their weakest link the OLINE. Powe will bring the run stuffer at NT they desire. Sands is a hard hitting Safety that could transition to LB in the pros and is a typical hard nosed Steeler pick.In the 5th I love the Powell pick. Powell finishes runs and will be a perfect compliment to Mendenhall. His one cut ability is exactly what the Steelers try and do. Ryan Jones is a small school guy with big play potential a nose for the ball and nice value in the 6th. Lester Jean in the 7th brings size and is just another late round WR the Steelers seem to draft each year. Overall adding OLINE and Secondary depth as well as a NT is exactly ehat was needed in the 2011 draft. Best vale pick was Powell in the 5th.

A Solid but unspectacular draft that filled needs.

Overall B 

Ken Zalis is www.fansfantasyfootball.com creator, editor and guru . Part of RobLongSports at www.roblongshow.com … Fox 1370 Sports Radio Baltimore


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