#RapidMock Grades: New England Patriots

NE 1 17 OAK   @PFF_Akshay JJ Watt- DL – Wisconsin
NE 1 28     @PFF_Akshay Brooks Reed – OLB – Arizona
NE 2 33 CAR   @PFF_Akshay Mark Ingram – RB – Alabama
NE 2 60     @PFF_Akshay Greg Little – WR – UNC
NE 3 74 MIN   @PFF_Akshay Clint Boling – G – Georgia
NE 3 92     @PFF_Akshay Joseph Barksdale – OT – LSU
NE 4 125     @PFF_Akshay Ahmad Black – CB – Florida
NE 5 159     @PFF_Akshay Roy Helu – RB – Nebraska
NE 6 193     @PFF_Akshay Adam Froman – QB – Louisville


Final grade:  B+

Analysis:  If later picks make the draft, the Patriots did simply an okay job.  Ahmad Black was taken a little high for my liking, and Helu and Froman aren’t guys that excite me.  That said, ending up with Watt, Reed, Ingram, Little, and Boling through the first 74 picks is an outstanding haul.  Little, Barksdale, Black, and Froman were all taken a little high for my liking, but Reed and Ingram were absolute steals at their draft positions.  Overall I can’t give it an A simply because I believe it’s a bit top-heavy, but this is the best draft in the AFC East in this grader’s opinion.

Brad Hill aka @CaliforniaJag


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