#RapidMock Grades: New York Jets

NYJ 1 30     @yougomango Phil Taylor – DT – Baylor
NYJ 3 94     @yougomango Niles Paul – WR – Nebraska
NYJ 4 126     @yougomango Jeremy Beal – OLB – Oklahoma
NYJ 5 161     @yougomango Lucas Patterson – DE – Texas A&M
NYJ 6 194     @yougomango Jeron Johnson – SS – Boise State
NYJ 7 208 ARI   @yougomango Keith Williams – OG – Nebraska


Final grade:  C-

Analysis:  Phil Taylor is a very nice pick, and Jeron Johnson is a solid value in the 6th, but Paul in the third seems like a reach, and Jeremy Beal doesn’t deserve to be drafted in this grader’s opinion.  The Jets didn’t seem to end up with very many player that will make any kind of impact at the NFL level, and I believe they reached on Paul, Beal, and Patterson.  Overall, a passing grade, but barely.

Brad Hill aka @CaliforniaJag


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