#RapidMock Grades: Buffalo Bills redux


BUF 1 3     @grantmp1 Von Miller – LB – Texas A&M
BUF 2 34     @grantmp1 Nate Solder – OT – Colorado
BUF 3 68     @grantmp1 Andy Dalton – QB – TCU
BUF 4 100     @grantmp1 Lawrence Guy – DT – Arizona State
BUF 4 122 SEA   @grantmp1 Chykie Brown – CB – Texas
BUF 5 133     @grantmp1 Sione Fua – NT – Stanford
BUF 6 169     @grantmp1 Weslye Saunders – TE – South Carolina
BUF 7 206     @grantmp1 Ronald Johnson – WR – USC
BUF 7 245     @grantmp1 Jeff Maehl – WR – Oregon


Final Grade:  B

Analysis:  Von Miller at 3 adds a potential impact pass-rusher to a team in desperate need of one.  Solder at 34 is a solid value based on the usual “expert” rankings, but I personally think he’s an overrated prospect and am not a fan.  Andy Dalton in the third is solid value.  Not a fan of Guy at all, and character issues make him a risky pick in the early 4th, but Chykie Brown in the later 4th more than makes up for that.  Fua, Johnson, and Maehl are all solid but unspectacular players in the later rounds.  Overall it’s a solid draft but it can’t be called outstanding, which is why I can’t justify more than a B.

Brad Hill aka @CaliforniaJag


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