#RapidMock Grades: Indianapolis Colts


IND 1 22     @indepthscouting Derek Sherrod – OT – Miss State
IND 2 53     @indepthscouting Drake Nevis – DT – LSU
IND 3 87     @indepthscouting Tandon Doss – WR – Indiana
IND 4 119     @indepthscouting Jaiquawn Jarrett – S – Temple
IND 5 152     @indepthscouting David Arkin – OG – Missouri State
IND 6 188     @indepthscouting Brandon Hogan – CB – WVU


The Colts first rounder is somewhat of an enigma. I went with Sherrod in the www.mocktwo.info draft and in the www.mockthree.info draft we traded out of the first with Sherrod on the board. Therefore I can’t argue with the pick and protecting Peyton is clearly a priority. My only apprehension is that I am not sure how much of an immediate upgrade Sherrod is over the incumbent Charlie Johnson. In this graders mind I would be happier getting two 2nd round picks for the 22 and addressing more needs. Saying this I do think Sherrod could be the best OT in this class and therefore cannot knock the pick.
Grade B+
The more and more I see of Drake Nevis the more and more I think he would excel with the Colts. He has a great first step and can be down right unblockable at times. He is a great scheme fit and at 53 is surely a player that the Colts will look to target on draft day.
Grade A
I think the Colts have more pressing needs than wide receiver and it isn’t like Tandon Doss is great value here. It isn’t an awful pick at all and depth is needed but I wouldn’t want to add depth until rounds 5 and 6. Jeff Maehl, Vincent Brown and Greg Salas are all players that could be there and in my view are just as good players as Doss. With Addai and Hart FA at the RB position I think the Colts must address this need if they plan on letting them both walk.
Grade C
Now this is a pick I really like. With Sanders leaving it means Bullitt will assume the starting role full time, but depth is needed. Jarrett has the potential to be a great player in 2-3 years and will contribute on special teams right away.
Grade A
O-line and D-line are the Colts biggest need and bringing in more bodies at G is not a bad thing. The G spot was a real sore spot this year for the Colts and it simply has to be sorted this year.
I do not see CB as a great need but adding depth is never a bad thing, maybe a late round QB like TJ Yates would have been a better pick.
Overall a solid if not spectacular draft, Sherrod and Nevis will start right away and Jarrett and Doss will likely contribute from the get go on ST.
Overall B
Written by Tom Hagger follow me on twitter at @tomwghagger

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