#RapidMock Grades: San Francisco 49ers

SF 1 7     @Tre9er Robert Quinn – OLB – North Carolina
SF 2 45     @Tre9er Steven Paea – DT – Oregon State
SF 2 64 GB   @Tre9er Ricky Stanzi – QB – Iowa
SF 4 108     @Tre9er Johnny Patrick – CB – Louisville
SF 5 146 MIA   @Tre9er Buster Skrine – CB – UT Chattanooga
SF 5 154 DET   @tre9er Jacquizz Rodgers – RB – Oregon St
SF 6 174     @Tre9er Cory Grant – DT – TCU
SF 7 231 NYJ DET @Tre9er Henry Hynoski – FB – Pittsburgh
SF 7 239     @Tre9er T.J. Yates – QB – North Carolina
SF 7 250     @Tre9er Jeremy Kerley – WR – TCU


The 49ers filled a huge need three of their first four picks, two of which are guaranteed starters. Robert Quinn is worth every bit of the seventh overall pick, and will start immediately either opposite Manny Lawson, or in his spot if he doesn’t re-sign with the team as a free agent. Steven Paea seems like a luxury pick at that point, but his value in the second round is unquestionable, and he can start from day one at the nose tackle position, which makes the 3-4 defense operable. With him, the 49ers can keep Ricky Jean Francois as a backup, and he’ll still exceed his value from when he was taken in the seventh round. You’ll see the difference from a first-round talent and seventh round with upside from the get-go. In round three, the 49ers grabbed Ricky Stanzi, who is literally a sponge and is exactly the kind of quarterback that Jim Harbaugh wants (sans a bit of athleticism). Johnny Patrick, the cornerback in the fourth round will immediately supplant Shawntae Spencer and that’s three definite starters and one potential starter in Stanzi. The pick of T.J. Yates in the later rounds is good value and smart drafting, you can’t put all your eggs in the Stanzi basket. Rodgers has good value at his pick and the 49ers are interested in him, so it’s a good pick, but the Hynoski pick almost feels forced when looking at the picks for face value. It feels like the 49ers could find some better developmental potential with “dangerous” guys with their three seventh rounders. Overall, one can usually tell when a team had a strong back-end of their draft, and it doesn’t necessarily feel like it here, but the top four-five picks are unquestionably … perfect. It takes a very lucky shuffle of the deck to have it dealt better than that.

James Brady – @ninnyjams
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